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important information before you join US

We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency. Kindly read the information below, so you are clear about what is expected of each of our artists.

The information here is the expanded and more detailed, to complement the registration you are expected to sign.

1. Our Calendar year begins the 2nd week in January, and ends the 2nd week in December. In this period, our engineers take their holidays. Payment is still required for the full month of December and  January. Sessions are $200.00 per 4 week month, and must be paid on the 1st of each month. Sessions are calculated as a package; they are never calculated separately or prorated. Each account must have a Credit Card attached, or choose to pay first and last months’ session fees. 


2. Your session day may have an extra rotation (5 weeks rather than 4) These extra sessions are banked to allow session coordinators the ability to take a maximum of 4 weeks vacation- which will never be taken all at once.

3. You understand that registration fees, MUST BE PAID, by one of the methods, stated in #4, BEFORE sessions commences. Showing for unpaid sessions will void that session; no refund will be granted; furthermore, late payment, without 48 hour minimum, prior notification, will result in $50.00 penalty fee added to account. 

4. Methods of payment include: E-Transfers - forwarded to:; Cash; All major Credit Cards and annual gift cards.

5. I understand and agree that sessions must be paid in full, despite attendance record, sickness or inclement weather.

6. A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required to swap a session; If a swap isn’t possible, the session will be replaced with another opportunity. Make-ups are not granted.

7. Four (4) weeks, prior notice, or sum of one month, will be given/paid should I decide to discontinue these scheduled sessions.

8. I understand that I will be ejected from the program, in the event of continued absence, lack of interest or continued delinquency of payments. If ejected, you agree to pay the sum of one month, post termination; you may choose to use said sessions, or part ways with no further commitment pending. Unpaid accounts will be placed into collections.


9. By Signing this, I give Elevation Music Studio the approval to charge my Credit Card for any outstanding charges or penalties, applicable while using the service, or in early termination by EMS, or me. I have given a valid Credit Card and personal information, and understand the specifications of this agreement. I will ensure that my Credit Card is up-to-date for payment. _

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contacting us

When you become a member of the Elenation movement, you will be issued an invitation to our slack forum; this is how we communicate safely and freely-cutting through spam and creating community, as the initial mandate of EMS was eager to facilitate.

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