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Regardless of your age, skill level or experience, Elevation Music Studio is here to help you develop your potential, in a safe, nurturing, environment.


In a fun, and safe environment

At EMS, we do things a bit differently: We endeavour to create an atmosphere that points towards enabling and empowering each artist to pursue a career in music, should they so desire.

Elevation Music Studio is an audio recording establishment that offers music and artist development for both beginners and professionals, in a fun and safe environment.

Names/Titles are very important, as it relates to perception.

We refer to students as: junior artists;
We refer to lesson times, as: sessions;
We refer to vocal lessons as: artist development.

Ryan Lewis:

"It is important to define vocal coaching, over mentorship.


For junior artists, we offer mentorship; for seasoned and professional/semi-pro artists, we offer vocal training/artist development.  


Vocal training/Artist development is reserved for vocalist, who are actively involved, full-time (professionally) or part-time (semi-professionally) in live performance or as recording session vocalists. This is more, or less, for maintenance and continued growth, as it pertains to craftsmanship. 

How Mentorship differs is, junior artists are, in most cases, trying to navigate the intricate course, of vocal awareness and defining their true voice, as opposed to copying their favourite artist(s.)

This can only be achieved through nurturing, guidance and exploration. 


This program is set up to inspire growth and ownership, while leaving space for creativity, through exploration, in a hands-on, safe and nurturing environment, where junior artist are encouraged to explore all the avenues professionals are exposed to, like: Audio/video recording and production; Studio and live performance, and defining the characteristics that make these two entities differ; songwriting; social media optimization; brand development; interviewing; vocal health training; 

vocal warm-ups/downs

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Listen to other Elenation artists and gain some perspective from their experience with the program.




Keep scrolling to learn more about the program.


Our Junior Artist Sessions allow new artists to experience recording audio in a professional environment, while building themselves a personal portfolio. This portfolio provides a way for the artists as well as their parents/guardians to track their progression and investment. Although we specialize in Pop/NeoSoul/R&B type music, we also are extremely competent in styles of: Country, Rock, Alternative, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, World Beat, Gospel, Christian Contemporary; as it pertains to genre – And as it pertain to music development, we offer: Voice, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Audio Recording & Production.


As a part of their development, Junior Artists are given the opportunity to perform in a safe environment, through live events created by Elevation Music Studio. We also create public events, for more advanced artists, to perform in a professional environment, and to create a revenue stream, for involved artists. These events are not mandatory; however, artists are strongly encouraged to participate, as a part of their overall development. The public events allow artists to generate income as well, by marketing the events, generating ticket sales, just like a ‘real gig,’ as they continue to build their web-presence and fan-base.


Here at EMS, we take pride in catering to each need in an individualistic manner- paying attention to each myopic detail. We offer workshops and group sessions to help boost creativity, and encourage artists find their creativity through experimentation. Artists are taught how to create their own compositions, and how to distribute them Online through music services such as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play etc. This allows them the opportunity to have their unique sounds heard worldwide, as-well as to earn a return on their work. We also offer marketing through website design, social media development, and continued social media management. This complete process has been proven, time and time again, to boost the artists overall confidence, allow them to make new connections, and expand their reach.


Some artists just need a ‘top up’ – maybe you are preparing for a musical, play, competition, or special performance, or more importantly, you are auditioning for a big part, and you just need to gain some pointers. OR…. maybe you are preparing to record a hit album, and need some guidance on acquiring the right key, tempo and vibe, for your record. Even if you decide to record with in a different recording studio, getting those vocals right is very important, and we are more than qualified to help with that. We offer a 4 session top up package.


Preparing for an album is a crucial endeavor. We always tend to go a little easy on ourselves in key selection, expression, mood and articulation. These items go an extremely long way, toward the engagement of your audience, and selling records; we understand this, and are ready and willing to use our expertise too keep you on track. We will listen to you perform the song(s) and give you reasonable feedback, to maximize the potential of your very valuable project.


Elevation music studio is a teaching studio; in other words, we are a functional, professional establishment, that endeavours to mirror the industry, to interested clients. We teach the basics of performance, and use audio and video recording as part of the development process. PROCESS: Each junior artist has the opportunity to choose their favourite songs, then peruse the goal of working towards creating an audio recording and then a video recording, based on the instruction and guidance of your coach. As each artist develops, they are encouraged to learn one instrument and to experiment in songwriting, all at their own pace, of course. Take a listen to some of the original recordings of our junior artists. 👇🏾 SPOTIFY LINK COST: The cost, of all this, is calculated as a monthly total, and is about the same as a regular music lesson; however, you gain so much more intrinsics and extrinsic value!! The cost is $200.00 per month, Monday to Friday, paid, PROMPTLY, on the 1st of each month, via invoice issued; we offer sessions on Saturday as well at $250.00 per month. Each session extends for one hour, reoccurring once per week, to start. When would you like to get started? Contact Us Now


All artists must submit a registration form before lessons can commense.


An upfront fee is charged for each consultation; attending your consultation will guarantee a full refund. CANCELLATION No call-no shows will NOT receive a refund. If a consultation is cancelled, within 48 hrs notice, the consultation will be rescheduled; failing to attend the second booking will void the your refund. After attending the consult, should you decide not to move forward, you will be fully reembursed. Should you decide to move forward with the program, the fee will be added to first installment.

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