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Kelli Trottier reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

January 29 at 7:53am

This studio is a gem. Ryan Lewis really knows music and knows what he wants to hear. He is extremely talented, professional, friendly, efficient and kind. It was one of the most enjoyable studio experiences I've had. Thanks Ryan!


Marina Andrawis reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

January 22, 2014 ·

Ryan Lewis is an extremely talented person; one such talent is teaching because of the patience and genuine care he has for his students, which can’t be found very often! Ryan really personalized the lessons to accommodate my learning speed and style, which I can appreciate as a slow learner. I will definitely be taking lessons with him again!


Maggie O'Connor reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

November 8, 2016 ·

Elevation Music Studio, in the talented hands of Ryan Lewis, is a great space for excellent instruction and genuine passion for music. Ryan truly goes above and beyond to create the best atmosphere and experience for all of his students. With first-hand knowledge of the industry, Ryan helps his students learn and grow and provides opportunities for them to showcase their talent within the community. With the Elevation Music Studio experience, it’s not just about growing as a musician in the studio. Ryan encourages involvement in the community; providing opportunities for his students to perform in front of audiences and helping them grow as individuals. Through helping out with some volunteer opportunities with the Studio I have witnessed Ryan’s true gift for making his students and all those around him feel welcome and comfortable. My sister has been working with Ryan for several years now and I have watched as her passion for music has grown, he has encouraged her to step outside of her comfort zone and become one of her greatest role models. If you’re looking for someone who is not just an instructor, but more of a role model and mentor then you will not be disappointed by your experience at Elevation Music Studio.


Kherson W Amell reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

February 16, 2014 ·

I've had the exceptionally good fortune of working with Ryan on and off for the last five years. On stage he is electric; engaging the audience and simply nailing his performances with precision. Off stage he is organized, meticulous and professional. Ryan has an intrinsic knowledge of his craft, which is so rare and so necessary these days (or any day, truly). Perhaps most importantly, Ryan is also one hell of a nice guy, and one of my favorite people!


Curtis Weekes reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

March 11, 2014 ·

If your looking for an honest teacher with real world experience and first class heart and passion for music then, Ryan is your man! I have also had the pleasure of working with Ryan and still do to this day. His attention to detail and being a real people person is really going to help you comfortably achieve your goals and transform you into the musician or artist that you really desire to be.


Claire Qute reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

March 19, 2016 ·

Elevation Music Studio helped me to record my original songs and covers as they gave me suggestions on harmonies AND made the music as well! Elevation Music Studio is local and it helped me to get the full potential out of my voice and my songs! Elevation is also helping me to be noticed and put myself out there so that one day, maybe I'll be at the Grammys thanking Elevation for everything that they had done to start me off!

-Claire QUTE


By Kazi K — 5 star

January 14, 2017

As an aspiring artist and great passion in music, I was looking for an experienced music composer, and found Elevation Music Studio. Ryan is not only very knowledgeable in all aspects of the music industry but also as a person with amicable personality to deal with clients respectfully. My experience has been nothing but very positive in all aspects of Ryan's music creativity/talents, timeliness, value for money and overall one stop shopping needs.


Dan Hogan reviewed Elevation Music Studio — 5 star

June 23, 2016 ·

Ryan's approach with the kids is perfect! He lets them choose the song, works with them on it till it's perfect, while throwing theory at them without them really knowing its theory!! Great teacher, and so much fun!!


By Lou L — 5 star

November 3, 2016


My daughter has been working with Elevation Studio for just over a month now and I my only regret is that I didn't sign her up sooner!!! What an amazing opportunity for young talent to spread their wings! The instructor is knowledgeable, talented and overall a kind and passionate man! I normally wouldn't be able to afford these lessons but the price was extremely reasonable and definitely well within my budget! Most importantly, my daughter's confidence and motivation levels have doubled!


By Mary V — 5 star

November 3, 2016

Ryan isn't just a talented and seasoned musician who knows his stuff, he cares about his students and really lets you be yourself and do what you want with your music. Gives great advice on how to better who you are, without changing you. Elevation is a great and super chill environment where all the magic happens! Been working with Ryan for a few weeks now, we've got so much done. Super excited to see what the future holds. Highly recommend Elevation Music Studio to anyone interested in music.


By Adam L — 5 star

August 18, 2015

Talented professionals who truly care about you reaching your full potential. I highly recommend Elevation Music Studios to all level of musicians.


By Club C — 5 star

August 5, 2015

Elevation Music Studio- From all of us here at Club Church Ministries, we want to say thank you for building us the best web site, we could have asked for. Your customer service has been absolutely first class. Club Church Ministries is a Charity located in Kingston Ontario, and we work to help those in need in our city. With Elevation Music Studios, you can feel safe and confident that all your online needs and requirements will be met with excellence. Thanks EMS.


By Christine O — 5 star

July 28, 2015

Elevation is definitely the best experience I've had with music lessons. Ryan knows the industry and provides a great atmosphere and opportunities for anyone wanting to expand their music abilities. Definitely recommend!!!


By Eekeker — 5 star

July 23, 2015

Elevation Music Studios is both an excellent and a professional environment to learn music. I began taking bass guitar lessons a few years back - enjoyed it to the point that I enrolled my two young sons. My instructor, Ryan, is very personable, experienced, talented and professional - he has the skill (in many areas from vocals, instruments, band dynamics to song writing) to back up his teaching(s). I highly recommend Elevation for anyone, at any level, with any musical interest.


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