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At Elevation Music Studio (EMS), our goal is to inspire you musically. We welcome all ages and levels of discipline  into our fun & interactive, but laid-back culture. Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in music or simply having fun. Elevation Music Studio will provide a personalized experience that aligns with your individual goal(s). We focus first on the practical elements of the art before introducing the theoretical element; think about it: no one cares about repairing a vehicle more than actually getting behind the wheel!!


 As it pertains to the history of music, music theory came way after the art of making music; therefore,  our unique approach, based upon this premise, emphasizes the fun & creative elements of the art-form.



Our goal is to equip you/your dependent with the ability to utilize hearing and listening/isolation techniques to form, accompany or re-create a piece of music with your instrument of choice. This art of study is called playing by ear. This process, while eliminating music notation, does not diminish or replace music theory.


We are not going to say that our delivery process will be easier; what we will say is, it will be fun and absolutely no pressure!!


NOTE: Always remember, however, in all things:- you get out what you put in.

Our team is committed to your success and will remain at your disposal at every level of your journey with us.

for questions about the process please check our F.A.Q. section or even better, contact us now!!


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WHAT WE OFFER: We offer music lessons in the following:

Voice  | Electric Guitar  | Acoustic Guitar  | Bass Guitar | Keyboard | Audio Recording & Production

We also offer Live performance management, vocal harmony construction and interpretation, audition preparation & Artist Management


All musical styles are welcome:

Neo/Soul, Country, Rock, Alternative, Classical, Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, World Beat


Group Lessons:

We also offer fun group lessons and band construction. Please ask about our discounted group rates.


What Makes Us Cool

Now, what's cooler, than being cool?  Answer: [Ice Cold] [ NOTHING .. would also be an acceptable answer]

Outside of the coaches at Elevation  being super cool and fun to be around, what makes our school unique is that we don't simply want you to be able to play an instrument, we will teach you  how to collaborate with other musicians and even get you into a recording environment. Every EMS student will  have the opportunity to have a professionally recorded demo to aid in the evaluation process and for a bit of motivation.































Elevation Music Studio remains in operation Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. for office hours and 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. for teaching sessions. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday.



We operate all through summer and try to create various live performance opportunities to maintain a level of excitement through out.



EMS operates through all holidays. In December we remain open for the first two weeks in December till approximately December 23rd. The reason for this is to allow us to wrap up any Christmas performances that are scheduled. We resume in the second week of January.


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The fee associated with regular lessons are  all inclusive - no registration fees - no hidden costs - no contract.

Fees are to be paid One month in advance (beginning of each month)


Per hour: $40.00

Your enrollment entitles you to up to 30% off your first purchase of EMS apparel. Valid for 8 weeks after enrollment.



Included in session fees, artists are given the opportunity create promo videos and record professional audio in our recording studio. There is setup time involved, so it is recommended that individuals intending  on maximizing on this opportunity choose the per hourly basis.



Fees are to be pre-paid on a monthly basis - [at the beginning of each month (mandatory)]


Alternate Payment Options

Fees can be paid Annually (7% discount)

Semi Annually (3% discount per installment)


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Your time is invaluable, and so is ours! There is  a required deposit of $40.00 for first time bookings, which will be recovered, in the event that you decide against using our services, or, in the event that you do want to move forward with the program, your deposit will serve as part of your first month installment.


If you should cancel your consultation appointment, with less than 48 hours notice, your will void the ability to have your deposit refunded or applied to your initial installment.



We will always try to honour cancellations - your investment is very important. When you miss a session we will try to reschedule said session so your payment for that session is not lost; however, It is important to understand that these sessions are pre-booked in advance. Just as your time is valuable, and we will do all we can to honour the time you have invested in considering development with us, our time is equally as valuable. We need to have a minimum of 48 hours notice, should you decide to cancel a session. Failing this, it is by our discretion that sessions are rescheduled. If a lesson is missed for any reason, including illness or instances deemed 'Acts of God' we still expect full payment for sessions. If you wish to take time off, as an option you can continue to pay for your sessions until you return, or you can give us three weeks notice, as per the agreement, and detailed below. It is important to understand that your time slot will not be reserved.


Should you decide that you no longer want to continue with us, we need 3 weeks notice, as an option you may pay the equivalent of 3 sessions to cancel immediately. For more information, please contact us.


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Should there be continuous delinquency in payment; negligence or misuse of our time, property or service, including misconduct - resulting in criminal prosecution, on or off Elevation Music Studio's supervision, or on or off our premises, or any thing that may be perceived, by the discretion of Elevation Music Studio, without Bias or prejudice; if you pose a threat to our clients or us, you may be terminated from being a client of Elevation Music Studio.



For more information, questions or concerns, please contact us.


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