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Elevation Music Studio

Registration Policy

1. You understand that tuition and fees, for sessions, MUST BE PAID, by one of the stated methods in #2, BEFORE session commences.

2. Methods of payment, in order of preference include: E-mail Transfer Payments, Cash, Personal Cheques, ($50.00 penalty charge for NSF returns) All major Credit Cards, Paypal is also accepted, as an absolute last resort.

3. Sessions must be paid within the first week of the month, for that entire month. If your session day comes 5 times in a month, payment will reflect 5 weeks, equally if your session day comes 4 times in a month, your payment will reflect 4 weeks.

4. You understand and agree that ALL sessions must be paid in full, despite attendance record, sickness or inclement weather.

5. Three (3) weeks, prior notice, or sum of three session must be given/paid should you decide to discontinue the scheduled sessions.

6. A minimum of 48 hours’ notice is required for cancellation of session. Make-up sessions are discretionary and will not be awarded in the event of delinquency or misuse of this gesture.

7. I understand that I will be fired from being an EMS junior artist, in the event of continued undisclosed absence, lack of interest  or continued delinquency of payments. If fired, you agree to pay the sum of 3 sessions post termination; you may choose to use said sessions, if not, part ways with no further commitment pending.

8. Personal Cheques are accepted by Kingston residents, with a Kingston address, ONLY.

9. By Signing this, you give Elevation Music Studio the approval to charge your Credit Card for any outstanding charges or penalties, applicable while using the service, or in early termination by EMS, or you.





Individual who creates the written element of a work.



Individual responsible for creating the musical part of the work.



Professional audio recordings are created fro gauge development and to aid boosting morale.


Junior Artist:

Rather than referencing students, individuals are referenced as junior artists. Titles are important.


Live Performances:

Junior artists are given the opportunity to present their art to a live audience.



Our time together is referred to as sessions, as opposed to lessons. Again, titles are important.


Session Engineer:

Normally referred to as music teacher or coach.



Video Recordings are created to upload to YouTube to aid in exposing the artist to the industry

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