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I don’t claim to be an expert interviewee; however, I have taken a few sit-downs in my time of being a solo artist and with my involvement in the industry as a whole. One thing is more important than anything – take control of your interview: Body language, attention to detail and a bit of humor can be a great catalyst for a great interview.


It's important to know the environment, research the interviewer and get to know a bit about them that can open up a dialogue - the more you get them to like you the smoother the interview will go. Remember, this list was created based on my experience and as a suggestion to help open the lines of communication and make your interview time more fun and engaging. If you do not have a problem initiating dialogue, you may not need this entire list.



-Show up on-time

-Dress appropriately

-Use positive and assertive body language (don’t appear bored/disinterested or sluggish)

-Always show up with a little token of your appreciation - thank you card, artist poster,   artist t-shirt, CD, complementary tickets to your next show

-Be prepared- try to know your interviewers name, memorize the name of station/medium.  Be prepared to sing.

-Be yourself- if 'yourself' is not fun, engaging and transparent, then be someone else, like      Batman or Wonder Woman   for the interview ;)

-Be honest - the truth is hard for you to forget or make up.

-Make your answers conversational and not just phrases.

-Have a plan.

-Be memorable, ask deliberate and educated questions (do some research)

-This is important!!!!! HAVE FUN!



-Do not be late

-Do not reply with one word answers, unless required to

-Do not be boring

-Do not use sexual overtones, dress or language

-Do not offer to give the interviewer cash



The Hope Of Christmas Synopsis:

THOC is a project concept created by Ryan Lewis, founder of Elevation Music Studio and school of music, for the soul purpose of artist development, experience and growth; placing junior artist enrolled with EMS in a real industry type scenario, to expose and prepare them in handling themselves appropriately.


Possible interview Questions:

Tell me about this project, from your perspective, and how you got involved, in a short few words. (refer to the hope of Christmas Synopsis above)


Tell me a bit about yourself

Why do you like to sing/ what about singing do you love.

Who is you favorite artist and why?

What or who are some of your biggest influences?


As a form of preparation, create some questions for yourself – the great thing about this is that sometimes you learn things about yourself that you didn’t pay close attention to before. Along with preparation, it is a great self-discovery exercise. Enjoy






SOCAN (the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) is a not-for-profit organization that represents the Canadian performing rights of millions of Canadian and international music creators and publishers.







FACTORThe Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings - is one of the most significant sources of financial assistance offered to help sustain and grow the independent Canadian music industry.



Registering a copyright

While copyright ownership in Canada is automatic upon creation of a song, it is still important to have evidence that establishes ownership and date of creation in the possible event of infringement. The following are common practices: registering with the Canadian and/or U.S. copyright offices and including identification of ownership on all published material. []









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Please do your research before committing to anything; the music industry is full of risk. I wish i had better news for you!! Feel free to contact us for a consultation.


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