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Ryan Lewis


We live Full, & Die Empty

"The heart behind Elevation Music Studio (EMS) is simply to bring together a few passionate individuals, creating a subsequent culture where music, and the art of music, is our common thread. I have always dreamt of being a part of, or creating, a movement where the artist is submissive to the art; being completely attuned, comprehensive and equally overwhelmed by it - and in the interim, displaying honesty, humility and integrity.  Time and time again, I have seen this nurturing process change individual perspective, and social dichotomy.


There is nothing text-book, as it pertains to creating art; we are free to expound upon an emotion by which we are afflicted, and allow it's manifestation to be free;  not to fit into the mold of what already exists - and do so absent thought and free from contempt.


The definition of art, according to the Oxford Dictionary is:  ‘“Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.”’ It is so liberating to freely express the emotion of the heart through exercising one's imagination and creativity, in a safe space, where there is an allowance for vulnerability, and absent judgment.


This is the heart & mandate of EMS.



I would love to chat with you about your art, passion and creative vision sometime soon!”

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Elevation Music Studio (EMS) was conceived by  Ryan Lewis - EST 2013; EMS is a Kingston based recording studio that functions as a music school, artist development and artist management company; it was created, specifically  to expose creative individuals to the world and business of the music industry, and prepare them to take on a more professional role. The EMS culture is built on a non-negotiable value system of trust, honesty, transparency & fun. Your satisfaction is our number one objective.


The services we offer include, but are not limited to the following:

PROFESSIONAL AUDIO: Jingles, Commercials, voice-overs, demos, LPs, EPs, Editing, Mastering, Songwriting,





CD Creation, Music Distribution, Artist Management, Audition Preparation, Brand Development, Web Design and Social media development/Management.


The studio, and the vicinity, is under 24-7 video surveillance. Your productivity and safety is our absolute concern.



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